Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Local ranchers terrorize wolves

Just got done reading this story from Idaho about someone tricking wolves into eating lamb and then killing the wolves who succumb. The sheep are left out on public lands as bait and then the rancher gets kill orders when the wolves take the easy prey that have replaced the native herbivores of the forest. By killing the wolves, some hope the entire species will go away once and for all. Hence, the use of violence against the wolves advances a political agenda of rancher hegemony. Classic terrorist tactics. Oh, wait, isn't that what you read? No, you read about the wolves being terrorists and the poor, poor folks at Flat Top Ranch who just can't seem to stop their sheep from being eaten. Twenty-five of their 8000 sheep. To keep it in perspective: There are only about ~550 wolves left in Idaho and the kill order is for four of them. (The Wildlife News has an excellent discussion of this specific situation here.) Spare us the hysteria, KMVT, and save "terrorize" for intentional (and not instinctual) violence.


Las Landscapers said...

Also, we know that Flat Top Ranch and the ranchers don't see it that way- they think that they are exercising their grazing privileges on public lands and there is no intentional baiting going on. We were simply stating the case another way to demonstrate the skew of the media in that particular story and in the narrative around wolves being wolves in general.

william huard said...

That's a good one. Everyone knows sheep need some type of protection against predators. It is outrageous that john Peavy allows his sheep to graze unprotected with known predators around. Mr Peavy is a dinosaur who would prefer to save money,do nothing to coexist with predators, and then make a phone call to his old friend Todd Grimm- who is all too willing to shoot wolves. This situation is why people are fed up with ranchers. The entitlement is still right there. If I'm not mistaken Mr Peavy received a 300,000 conservation easement from Blaine County which was suppose to include non - lethal techniques being employed- How did that work out for the wolves?

Anonymous said...

This is so disheartening to read about. It is horrible enough to see pictures of wolves being hunted down with airplanes, and trapped and hunted with arsenals of weaponry. Now we have baiting as another means of butchering them. How are wolves every going to have a fair chance at survival and why are they hated so much?