Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cowboy Ken Feels the Heat!

(Image borrowed from The Wildlife News. Too funny not to share again!)

In an election day event in Colorado, Cowboy Ken, a.k.a. Secretary of the Interior, got a little hot under the collar when asked about his shipping off wild horses to a slaughtering plant in Mexico. In a rather un-Secretarial fashion, he volunteered to "punch out" the reporter if he was ever asked hard questions on personal time again. Wow.

As our (~four) loyal readers know, we'd really like for Cowboy Ken to resign or be fired from the DOI. He's an abject disaster. And word is, he might. Maybe a few more turns of the screw?  We're sure there's a golden parachute in the form of a energy job out there for him somewhere.

As for who might replace him, we've resigned ourselves to the fact that it probably won't be (but definitely should be) Congressman Raul Grijalva. As the greenest member of Congress, he'd be a dreamboat at the helm of the Interior, and we'd even forgive him his horses, but we'd bet against it with all the uranium in the Grand Canyon region. The enviros can throw their ticker tape parade of endorsements, but apparently, that doesn't mean much to Obama. 

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