Monday, February 27, 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Freedom costs A Buck O' Five, but feeding yer cow's gonna cost ya a teeny bit more

Amazing, astounding, and very welcome news from the Obama Administration's proposed budget: The BLM is going to start charging an extra dollar per cow/cow pair per month to cover the administrative costs of the grazing program. Hot damn. You'd think there was some kind of effort underway to get the dems to balance the budget or something.

Not the way the ranchers whine about it. Nope, to them, this "tax" on their $1.35 fee is going to ruin. the. world. An assault on ranching! Heavens no! (Seriously. From the same people gunning for wolves, spreading poison for predators, and ultimately slaughtering their beloved "pets," you'd think they have a more accurate definition for "assault.")

These folks expect their asses kissed and to be paid for the privilege of doing it apparently. The "tax" has been unfairly passed on to the taxpayers for decades, with subsidies in the range of $500 million/annually coming out of the federal budget to support the failing program.

Cry me a river, boys. We'd pay more than $2.35 each month just to get our forest back.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day for Voyeurs

Of all the kinky things to do today, why not take a peek at this Wolf Cam and check out what this breeding pair of red wolves is up to at the Wolf Conservation Center? (scroll down)

A recent post from WCC identified ways to do it "wolfy style."
Great ways to show your love ...

* nuzzling
* "prancing"
* wrestling
* parallel walking
* mounting
* rear sniffing
* tandem urination - this is true romance!
Thanks, but we'd rather send a donation to show our affection.