Friday, May 25, 2012

A thin and barely visible silver lining

Anyone with a brain in their head is depressed about human-caused climate change. We're ruining our planet's habitability, for ourselves and for myriad other species, surely dooming future generations of humans to a impoverished world. And for what? Yeah, well, let's not get started on that, shall we? But hey, every once in a tiny while, there is a little bit of news that shows climate change isn't all near-term doom and gloom for everyone. For example,
Warming in Great Britain appears to have given a little brown and orange butterfly an edge. The brown argus butterfly has spread about 49 miles (79 kilometers) northward on the island over 20 years, observations indicate.(Via)
At least now, in our darkest moments, we can still hope for a world overtaken by butterflies.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

We love our groovy gorillas

NPR called it "riveting" and we couldn't agree more. It raises so many questions beyond the obvious ones of how many might exist. Are the gorillas aware of the camera? Did that gorilla chew off its own hand? Why does that silverback charge? How can we stand ourselves as a species to be causing the extinction of such amazing creatures?