Monday, April 22, 2013

Every day is Earth day.

[insert pretty picture of our blue planet here]

Discuss the roots of Earth Day and the significance of the original Earth Day signifying an emerging consciousness, blah, blah, blah...

Para 2. Mention in passing a few of the pressing environmental problems that everyone is familiar with, then provide a link to a compelling speech or editorial on climate change. Highlight/bold this sentence in order to signify that you know it is the overarching problem facing the planet.

Identify a list of small things individuals can do, turning off faucets, reusing bags, composting. [**Check with advertisers and sidebar Earth Day sales or special promotions on recycled paper journals, fair trade coffee, etc.] Include recommendation to pressure legislators and/or send a letter on Keystone XL (Note the deadline. Pick another petition?)

Conclude by revisiting the need for action, restate "we're all in this together"-type sentiment. Intimate urgency but not so much that people get frightened.

[insert picture of charismatic megafauna and call for donations]

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