Saturday, June 08, 2013

A very important treatise on wtf

This last lapse on the blog has been a long one, and we apologize to our devout daily readers that you've been stuck on repeat for over a month. It seems like May just wasn't destined for writing, or Maybe it was and we weren't listed on the manifest. But you don't come here to read our clever confessions, you come for snarky commentary on environmental news. And lately, we just haven't had it in us.

It used to be that when the block wall ran into us and knocked us quiet for a while, it was depression. It was looking at the world and not being able to say anything nice and listening to our mothers' advice. And then we'd snap out of it and just start bitching on the blog. But in May it was different. It was looking at the world and thinking, "Here's a neat plant! Here's a baby bird! Here's a record heat day! Here's the last tortoise! Here's an incredible satellite image of the trash gyre! Here's the next terrible legislation/idea/report/ruling/photo/decision/yougettheidea!" It has been wonderment, true amazement, at the trajectory of life on Earth. Spring still happened, 17 days sooner than usual. Isn't that incredible?

Back in the day, when certain of those among us spent too much time following a certain band around after dropping out of college, selling plates of vegan-ganja-pesto-pasta and waiting for miracles, a certain (retrospectively awful) song would make us boogie that much harder. But for now, its message seems like the best option. We're not saying we're done with the kvetching forever, or that we're not going to keep trying to fight the power, but we're saying that we don't want to miss the parts that are still miraculous and magical and overwhelmingly in the moment. When someone gets killed for protecting turtles on the beach, we want to also be happy that people still risk their lives for turtles. Of course, they shouldn't have to, but isn't it awesome that some people do anyway?
[Insert cynical self-deprecating obsencity-peppered commentary here. It's DIY these days.]

Got to go out to the garden now and see if those peaches are any riper today. Wouldn't want to miss their peak.

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