Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A dry July

Like many other places in the west this summer, the weather here is hot and dry creating perfect fire conditions and perfectly cranky and unreliable correspondents. It's hard to muster a whole blog post even tonight, but bear with our bullet-point bitching and we'll try hard to give you something passable:
  • Another wolf shot in New Mexico, with the ranchers claiming it was a "legal killing." Here's the cached version of's most recent posts, "The Last of the Aspen Pack Stock Killers Has Been Killed." Mysteriously, the entire website has been taken down. Seems like someone there might have some info about this whole dead wolf thing. Call us crazy. [Ed: Guilty as charged!] Or at least a serious "beef" with the Aspen Pack.
  • And John Peavey, why don't you keep your damn sheep someplace safe instead of effectively inviting wolves to dinner with your range lambing? "Stone said her organization [Defenders of Wildlife] has met with Peavey many times to discuss deterrent methods and expects to do so again." That's the thing: they want DEAD wolves more than they want LIVE sheep.
  • Let's not leave Arizona out of the predator-killing list tonight. In Tucson, the recent illegal killing of a mountain lion at a county park has been tied to employees at the park. Not to be outdone by the black-hatted cowboys in NM and ID, it's worth noting that one of the men charged in the crime is also a ranch manager on the adjacent state lands. [Ed: Yes, we do have a google alert for bloodthirsty yeehaws and predators. Thanks for asking. That will be $5.
  •  This should all come as no surprise.
Blarg on the blog. That is all. 

What happened to all that optimism?  

Frankly, we drank it. 

[Ed: And stop calling me "Frankly."]

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